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EmbedThis Builder Plans

EmbedThis provides subscription plans for device agents, cloud-based management services and support and services plans.

Depending on your configuration, different subscription plans are offered.

Device Agent subscription plans provide the agent source code, license to embed, documentation, samples and ongoing upgrades and security updates.

Royalty-free Device Agents

Royalty-free subscriptions offer an annual renewable license to embed the device agent in new devices and to update existing devices.

Royalty-free subscriptions are based on a license scope that defines the scale and number of products that utilize the device agent software. The supported scopes allow unlimited device volume shipments within that scope.

The Single Product scope is limited to a single product model and its direct successor product replacements with unlimited device unit volume. Multiple model numbers are permitted, provided the models vary only in branding, appearance, packaging or scale and not otherwise in functionality.

The Product Family scope is limited to related Single Products that share the same functional purpose and have the same public product family name.

The Business Line scope permits multiple Product Families within a single business unit and single market segment.

The royalty-free subscriptions are paid yearly in advance.

For more details, please see: Royalty-free Pricing.

Volume-Based Device Agents

The volume-based subscriptions use fee based on the total number of devices that have been manufactured. i.e. on your installed base of devices. The fee is are calculated on a sliding scale where the per-device price decreases the more devices you create. The price is < $0.30 per device with more than 1,000 devices made per month.

The volume-based subscriptions offer a lower-cost of entry for smaller device volumes than the scope based licenses.

The volume-based subscriptions are billed yearly in advance.

For more details, see: Volume-Based Pricing.

Cloud-Based Management

If using cloud-based management, the subscription plans are based on two components:

  • Ioto Device agent subscription (either volume-based or royalty-free)
  • Cloud management subscription

The cloud management subscription is a per-connecting device fee. It is based on the number of devices that connect to the cloud for management and is paid monthly in arrears. You only pay for the devices that actually use the cloud-management service.

Cloud subscriptions are calculated on a sliding scale where the price decreases the more devices you connect and manage. The price is < $0.20 with more than 1,000 devices connecting each month.

For more details, see: Cloud Pricing.

Upgrading and Downgrading

If you are downgrading or upgrading a device agent from one plan to another, where possible, the Builder will credit the existing plan toward the cost of a new plan.

Support Plans

Embedthis offers two levels of support:

  • Basic Support
  • Developer Support

Support programs are paid for immediately upon enabling the program.

Basic support

Basic support provides advice and guidance covering basic usage of the service and the device agent that does not require engineering support. Basic support is $775 USD per year or $71 per month.

Developer Support

Developer support provides developer support for design and implementation issues that require engineering support staff. This covers embedded development, cloud-based device management, developer coding and debugging issues and support for legacy software versions.

Developer support is priced at $275 USD per hour. Developer support requires a minimum of two hours and that basic support be also enabled.


Please see the Terms of Use for terms.