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Royalty Free Device Agent Pricing

Royalty-free subscriptions offer an annual renewable license to embed the device agent in new devices without a device volume limit. It also provides the right to update and apply security patches to all your existing devices while your subscription is active.

License Scopes

Royalty free subscriptions are based on a license scope:

  • Evaluation
  • Single Product
  • Family of Products
  • Business Line

The Evaluation scope provides a limited version of the software for you to complete your evaluation. This software is not suitable for production and will not contain the latest upgrades and security fixes. But is it ideal for evaluating Embedthis device agents.

The Single Product license is limited to a single product model and its direct successor product replacements with unlimited device unit volume. Multiple model numbers are permitted, provided the models vary only in branding, appearance, packaging or scale and not otherwise in functionality.

The Product Family license is limited to related products that share the same functional purpose and have the same public product family name.

The Business Line license permits multiple Product Families within a single business unit and single market segment.


The following price table shows the annual subscription price for each license scope. This price includes the right to embed the software, ship products that include the software and apply any software upgrades and security updates to new or existing licensed products.

Volume Price
10 $1,055
100 $2,050
500 $2,695
Product $7,280
Family $12,095
Business Line $34,995

Billing Period

The royalty free subscriptions are billed yearly in advance.

If you discontinue your subscription, you need to cease using the software or shipping new products that include the software.

Legacy Agreement Licenses

If you have an existing agreement license, your yearly subscription will be for annual Maintenance that provides for upgrades and security updates.