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Product Security Center

Below the product list is the product security center that provides product news, relevant articles and product release and security issues.

The product list displays your configured products and also has entries for the Builder portal and Device Manager services.

For each product entry, a list of product issues and events is displayed below the news and information cards.

Product List

Product News and Articles

Recent news items will be displayed with links to the relevant documentation or Blog articles. For all the news, go to the Embedthis Blog.

Helpful articles will be listed in the Learn About card.

Product Issues and Events

The product issue list documents product bugs, features, releases and security issues.

The issue list displays the following table columns:

Field Description
Opened When the issue entry was opened and documented
Type Type of issue: Bug, Discussion, Feature, or Release
Title Issue subject title
Impacted Versions impacted by the issue
Priority CVSS priority rating
Action Recommended action
Status Issue status: Open, Closed or Fixed
Tags Categorization tags

Click on an issue to display the Issue panel

View an Issue

Product Issue

The issue panel displays the following issue fields:

Field Description
Type Type of issue: Bug, Discussion, Feature, or Release
Date When the issue entry was opened and documented
Title Issue subject title
Description Full issue description and discussion
Subject The product that is the subject of the issue
Impacted Versions impacted by the issue
Status Issue status: Open, Closed or Fixed
Resolved Release the issue is corrected and resolved
Priority CVSS priority rating
CVE Assigned CVE if any
Action Recommended action
Tags Categorization tags

Reporting an Issue

If you have an issue or bug to report, use the Builder Support Case tool to report the issue.

With an active support plan, you can use the integrated Builder support center to open support cases and track them to conclusion.

Support Cases

When opening a support case, you supply:

  • A short case issue subject
  • A detailed issue description
  • The relevant product experiencing the issue
  • Attach relevant files or logs
  • The issue severity
  • A list of additional recipients

Issue Description

Please provide a complete and detailed description.

A good description is a clear and complete description of what the issue is. Please explain in sufficient detail. Most people are too brief in the description and it results in delays addressing issues as support staff go back and forth with questions. Please spend some time writing a complete description.

If you can, please include a link to a gist or repository containing a test case or sample that reproduces your issue. Reproductions should be short, correct, self-contained and should not contain code that isn't relevant to the issue. Please do NOT just paste code from your project. Explaining how to reproduce the issue alone is typically insufficient.

Issue Severities

You can set the issue severity which helps EmbedThis staff understand the impact of your issue. Set to low, medium, high or critical. Please do not overstate the issue severity. NOTE: the severity does not equate to a priority with which your issue will be addressed.

Additional Recipients

By default, cases will be sent via email to you for your records. You can include a comma separated list of email recipients who will also receive a copy of the case issue exchanges.