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Downloading the Device Agent

You can download the latest version of the device agent software from the Builder Product List via the download link.

EmbedThis continually updates the service and regularly publishes upgrades and security updates for the device agent software.

Product List

Evaluation Use

If your product is based on Ioto, you can download the software to evaluate the service on one device. When you are ready, you can create your own device cloud and connect and manage more devices. This requires adding a billing card and purchase.

If your product is based on Appweb or GoAhead, you can download the limited evaluation software for free. This evaluation software can be used on any number of devices. When you are ready to use the full release software, you will need to add a billing card and purchase.

Downloaded Image

The downloaded device agent is in Gzipped Tar format and includes everything you need to build the software from source.

Product List

Consult the relevant agent documentation for details.

License Terms

Please read the EmbedThis License Terms.