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Creating Products

The first step when creating connected devices with the Builder is to define the product (device) that you wish to manage. In this process:

  • Specify the product name.
  • Provide a description of the product.
  • Select the device agent software you wish to embed in your product.
  • Choose the scope of the license you wish to purchase.
  • Enter email or phone numbers to use for important security alerts.

The Builder will pre-create product definitions for to evaluate Ioto and for the Builder and Device Manager services. These definitions can be selected to display the relevant product security center information for the relevant service.

Product Definitions

You can create product definitions for each device type that you wish to deploy and manage. The product definition describes your product, the device agent you wish to deploy, and its license scope.

Product List

A product definition includes:

  • Product name
  • Description
  • Selected Device Agent
  • License scope
  • Email or phone for security alerts

Product Add

Multiple Product Definitions

You can create one or more product definitions to best describe the (many) devices you offer.

If you are using the Ioto device agent, you should create a different product definition for each device type that will require different firmware. When you configure over-the-air software updates for your devices, it is helpful to be able to target different products with the appropriate firmware. When using OTA software upgrades, each product can have a unique firmware configuration. So you will want to configure a different Ioto product definition for each device that requires a different firmware image.

For Appweb and GoAhead based devices, you should create a product definition for each product described in your Embedthis license agreement. This may have already been created for you. If you require assistance, please contact

Product Name

The product name is a unique, one-line, descriptive name of your choosing.

Product Description

This description is for your records and for licensing scopes. Please fully and uniquely describe your product. (Can be multiple sentences).

Device Agent

When defining your product, you can select to embed one of three device agents:

  • Ioto Device Agent
  • GoAhead Web Server
  • Appweb Web Server

We recommend choosing the Ioto cloud agent for all new devices, even if they are not connected to the cloud, as Ioto has the most efficient and secure embedded web server. Please read the Web Server Comparison for details.

The Ioto agent includes our most advanced embedded web server. It is a fraction the size of comparable embedded web servers (including our own) and it boast impressive throughput and efficiency scores.

Our Appweb and GoAhead web servers are provided for existing customers who have embedded these web servers in existing product designs.

Intended Purpose

You can help us to better understand your intended goals by selecting how you plan to utilize the agent.

Product Alert Recipients

You can enter one or more email addresses or phone numbers to be notified in the event of important security updates. When relevant releases or security updates are issued, you can be proactively notified by mail or phone so you can quickly take the appropriate action.

Separate entries with commas and use fully qualified phone numbers with international dialing prefixes.

Creating New Products

To configure a new product, select the Add Product button from the product list. This will display the slide out product panel.

Product Add

Enter a unique product name and accurate product description. Then select the relevant EmbedThis licensed product you wish to embed. Choose from:

  • Ioto Cloud Agent
  • GoAhead Web Server
  • Appweb Web Server

Depending on the licensed product, you will have different subscription options.

Ioto Products

The Ioto service can automatically meter devices as they are manufactured. This involves the Ioto device agent sending a single registration request during creation to the Builder service.

This is an automated process and it relieves you of the burden of counting and estimating device unit volumes. This is the default and we strongly recommend you using the Automated Metering option.

Alternatively, if you are using Ioto and for some reason cannot use the automated metering, you need to explicitly enter and maintain the Manufactured Device Volume. This is the cumulative number of devices that you have manufactured using Ioto, or will manufacture, during the billing period.

Ioto is billed monthly at the end of the month based on the number of devices manufactured during the month. Ioto subscriptions are calculated on a sliding scale where the price decreases the more devices you deploy. The price is < $0.30 when making more than 1,000 devices per month.

You can evaluate Ioto without cost by using the eval product definition and connecting to the eval cloud.

Stand-alone Device Agents

If you are using Ioto as a stand-alone device agent or you are using the Appweb or GoAhead device agents, you can license the device agent based on a license scope.

These licenses are annual subscriptions and include software updates and upgrades through the year.

There are three volume limited licenses and three unlimited volume licenses.

The licenses scopes are:

  • Evaluation
  • Volume Limited 10
  • Volume Limited 100
  • Volume Limited 500
  • Single Product
  • Family of Products
  • Business Line

The Evaluation license provides a limited version of the software for you to complete your evaluation. This software is not suitable for production. It will not contain the latest upgrades or security fixes. However, it is ideal for evaluating Appweb or GoAhead.

The volume limited licenses are restricted to a lifetime maximum manufactured device volume of 10, 100 or 500 devices.

The unlimited license offerings are scoped to the number of products that include the device agent software and offer unlimited device volumes within that scope.

The Single Product license is limited to a single product and its direct product replacements. This license provides unlimited device unit volume. Multiple model numbers are permitted, provided the models vary only in branding, appearance, packaging or scale and not otherwise in functionality.

The Product Family license is limited to related products that share the same functional purpose and have the same public product family name.

The Business Line license permits multiple Product Families within a single business unit and single market segment.

While your license subscription is active, you can include the device agent software in your products. You may access and apply security updates and upgrades for new and existing devices.

For these license subscriptions, you are billed either yearly in advance.