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For Purchasing

Purchasing must identify business requirements for goods and services, and find reliable suppliers to meet those requirements. Nothing is concluded without purchasing connecting the dots.

The Builder provides an intuitive subscription and billing system. It offers:

  • Subscription management and configuration.
  • Payment by online card.
  • Optional payment by bank transfer.
  • Generation of quotation PDF orders.
  • Generation of subscription PDF invoices.
  • Configurable invoice addressing and details.
  • Automatic mailing of invoices to accounts payable.

Managing Subscriptions

Once the desired product and support subscriptions have been defined, your subscription information is collected and presented from the Account/Subscription page.


To review your subscription, login to Builder Subscription and click on the Account/Subscription menu option.

The subscription page displays your current, pending, and due subscriptions. It includes your products, clouds, and support plans. It provides an overview of your EmbedThis subscriptions and future renewals.

Existing Agreement Customers

If you have an existing agreement, your licensed product definitions and support plans will already be entered. These will have been setup to continue your previously renewed subscription items. However, you can review and tailor the software maintenance options and support plan to suit your current needs.

Current Subscriptions

Your current subscriptions are those that you have purchased previously and are still active.

The table will display products, clouds, and support subscriptions including the period for which the subscription is active.

Subscriptions to Confirm

Your subscriptions to confirm are those items that are due for renewal but you have not yet confirmed the purchase.

The table will display the products, clouds, and support subscriptions along with the price for each item.

Click the Confirm button to confirm the renewal and authorize the transaction. If you are authorized to pay by bank transfer, you will need to first enter a purchase order number via the Order Details panel.

Upcoming Subscriptions

Your upcoming subscriptions are those you have created but are not yet due. For example, Ioto subscriptions are due at the end of each month. Before the end of the month has been reached, the subscription will appear in this section.

The table will display the products, clouds and support subscriptions and the estimated price for each item.

Download a Quote

If your business processes require a quote PDF, you can click Download Quote to generate and download a quotation for the displayed items.

Confirming your Subscription

When you are ready, click the Confirm button to purchase. You can enter a billing card on the Account/Billing page.


The billing center page displays your billing cards and issued invoices.


Payment Cards

Your billing cards will be displayed and the current card will be shown as the default card to use for payment. Click Add Card to enter a new card. Click on an existing card to modify, delete or designate a card as the default card to use for billing.

For your security, only the last 4 digits of the card number are stored for verification purposes.


As you are billed, invoices are created and stored. You will be emailed the invoice PDF and you can download past invoices from the invoices table.

Invoice Details

To change the company name or billing address on your invoices, click on the Invoice Address button and enter the required details.

If you change the invoice address, you can click Reissue to re-generate the invoice with the updated invoice address.

Renewal Reminders

The account owner will be automatically emailed renewal reminders before your subscriptions expires.


If you have suggestions for how the Builder could make your role easier, please let us know at: