All Classes

AppApplication configuration state.
ArgErrorArguments error exception class.
ArgsThe Args class parses the Application's command line.
ArithmeticErrorArithmetic error exception class.
ArrayArrays provide a growable, integer indexed, in-memory store for objects.
BooleanBoolean class from which to create true and false values.
ByteArrayByteArrays provide a resizable, integer indexed, in-memory store for bytes.
CacheCache meta class to manage in-memory storage of key-value data.
CmdThe Cmd class supports invoking other programs as separate processes on the same system.
AssertErrorAssertion error exception class.
ConfigConfig class providing settings for various "configure" program settings.
DateGeneral purpose class for representing and working with dates, times, time spans and time zones.
BinaryStreamBinaryStreams encode and decode various objects onto streams.
CommonLogClassCommon Log web server logging.
DebugDebug configuration class.
EmitterThe emitter class provides a publish/subscribe model of communication via events.
ControllerWeb framework controller class.
DatabaseSQL Database support.
DatabaseConnectorDatabase Connector interface.
ErrorError exception object and base class.
ErrorEventError event for Web Workers.
EventEvent for Web Workers.
FileThe File class provides a foundation of I/O services to interact with physical files.
FileSystemThe FileSystem objects provide global information about a file systems.
GCGarbage collector control class.
FrameFunction call frame class.
FunctionThe Function type is used to represent functions, function expressions, closures and class methods.
HttpThe Http object represents a Hypertext Transfer Protocol version 1.1 client connection.
HttpServerHttpServer objects represents the server-side of Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) version 1.1 connections.
IOErrorIO error exception class.
InflectorInflector class to convert singular to plural and vice-versa.
InstructionErrorCode (instruction) error exception class.
JSONEncoding and decoding to JavaScript Object Notation strings (JSON).
LoaderCommonJS loader class.
LocalCacheFast, non-scalable, non-durable, in-memory key/value cache class.
LoggerLogger objects provide a convenient and consistent method to capture and store logging information.
MathThe Math class provides a set of static methods for performing common arithmetic, exponential and trigonometric functions.
MemorySingleton class to monitor and report on memory allocation and using.
MemoryErrorMemory error exception class.
MprLogThe MprLog class manages the Application's internal MPR log mechanism.
NullBase type for the null value.
NumberThe Number type is used by all numeric values in Ejscript.
MvcThe Mvc class manages the loading and initialization of MVC web applications.
ObjectThe Object Class is the root class from which all objects are based.
PathPaths are filename objects and may or may not represent physical files in a file system.
RecordDatabase record class.
ReferenceErrorReference error exception class.
RegExpRegular expressions per ECMA-262.
ResourceErrorResource error exception class.
RequestWeb request class.
RouteA Route describes a mapping from a URI to a web application.
RouterThe Router class manages incoming HTTP requests to the appropriate location application for servicing.
SessionSession state storage class.
SocketClient and server side TCP/IP support for IPv4 and IPv6 communications.
StateErrorState error exception class.
StopIterationStopIteration class.
StreamStream objects represent streams of data that pass data elements between an endpoint known as a source or sink and a consumer or producer.
StringEach String object represents a single immutable linear sequence of characters.
SyntaxErrorSyntax error exception class.
SystemSystem is a utility class providing methods to interact with the operating system.
TemplateParserWeb Page Template Parser - Parse an ejs web page and emit an Ejscript source file (.es).
TextStreamTextStreams interpret data as a stream of characters.
TimerTimers manage the execution of functions at some point in the future.
TypeBase class for all type objects.
TypeErrorType error exception class.
UriThe URI class to provides the ability to create, and manipulate URIs and their constituent components.
VoidThe Void type is the base class for the undefined value.
WebSocketWebSocket class to implement the WebSockets RFC 6455 specification for client-side communications.
WorkerWorker Class.
UploadFileInstances of UploadFile are created for each uploaded file.
ViewBase class for web framework Views.
XMLThe XML class provides a simple ability to load, parse and save XML documents.