Hosting in Web Servers

Ejscript includes a fully featured Http web server class for easy development and deployment. You can use this built-in web server, or you can configure Ejscript to run in a supported web server of your choosing (such as Appweb).

Built-in Web Server

The easiest way to run Ejscript applications is to use the builtin web-server.

mvc run

The mvc run command will run the web server and your application. This assumes you have already created the application and you invoke this command the application's top directory. Please read the Web Framework Tour for steps to create a new application.

Once running, you can then enter the application URL in our browser. The URL will be of the form:


Configuring the Built-in Web Server

The built-in web server is based on the Appweb high-performance embedded web server. You can set the listen port in the ejsrc configuration file via the web listen property.

You can vary the verbosity of trace to the console level by changing the trace properties. Level four will trace all requests.

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