Web Framework Guide

The Ejscript Web Framework Guide contains an overview and tutorials. It also has some samples to help you get a feel for the framework.

You may also like to read the Web Framework Architecture overview.

Topic Description
Web Framework Tour A quick tour of the Web Framework with a demo application.
Model-View-Controller Framework How the Ejscript Web Framework implements a Model-View-Controller Paradigm.
Application Generator How to use the mvc command to create and manage web applications.
Routing Requests Parsing client requests and routing to Controller Actions
Controllers and Actions Responding to client requests via Controllers and Action functions
Views and Layout Templates Views with embedded Server-Side JavaScript and the templating engine.
Ajax View Controls Ajax enable your application with a powerful library of View controls..
Database Models Object Relation Mapper (ORM) for Database tables to JavaScript objects.
Hosting in Web Servers How to configure and run Ejscript in various web servers.

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