Ejscript is archived and not maintained

Ejscript is a complete, integrated JavaScript environment suitable for education purposes when studying compilers, language parsers, virtual machines and JavaScript.


Ejscript is the smallest, embeddable implementation of Javascript ES6. Ejscript is ideal for education purposes and for study.



Ejscript Components

  • Ejscript Compiler
  • Ejscript Shell Interpreter
  • Ejscript Module Manager
  • Ejscript Virtual Machine
  • Ejscript System Library
  • Documentation
  • Samples
  • Source Code

Ejscript Features

  • Full Javascript ES6
  • Classes, modules, generators, fat arrow functions, ...
  • Compact and efficient runtime (from 2MB)
  • Easy sync and async programming models
  • Embeddable JavaScript VM engine
  • Fast startup — ideal for scripting and utilities

For more information, read Ejscript Documentation.


Open Source

Open Source Licensing

Embedthis Ejscript is licensed using the GPL Open Source license with complete source code, documentation and samples.

Read More About Licensing

Commercial License Benefits

Ejscript is also available with a royalty-free commercial license if required. It provides you with the following benefits:

  • The right to distribute the software with your products and keep your source code private.
  • Simple one-time purchase and royalty-free right to distribute
  • Software maintenance for updates and upgrades
  • Priority software support services and
  • Proactive notification of security alerts

Contact sales@embedthis.com for more information about commercial licensing.

Commercial Support

Enjoy priority support and proactive security patches. Embedthis provides diagnostic help and support for commercial license customers. Contact support@embedthis.com.


You can access the documentation and Samples or just read the Code to help yourself.

Read in detail about the Support Options.


Open source customers may log bugs and open issues on the Ejscript Issue Database.


Want to help the Ejscript community as a contributing developer?

Read about how to create patches and join the fun.

Developers Only

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