Built with MakeMe

For projects designed with MakeMe

These instructions describe how to build your project from source.

The project you are about to build has used MakeMe to generate the necessary MakeMe, IDE and Make files to compile and build your project from the distributed source code. To build, you have a choice of which tool set to use:

First, please read the Building Overview to prepare your build environment before building. Then select and option below for building.

Building with Make

Building with make is a simple and quick way to build. Use make if you want a default build with minimal configurability or if you need to work with an existing make-based build system.

Building with Make

Building with Visual Studio or Xcode

Use the IDE projects for Visual Studio or Xcode if you are most comfortable with these tools and do not need to configure or customize the project.

Building with an IDE

Building with MakeMe

MakeMe is a modern one-stop replacement for Make and autoconf. It can select and configure the project features and components to use when building. It can then directly build the project. Build with MakeMe if you want to customize or configure the software for your system, or if you just perfer the convenience of MakeMe.

Building with MakeMe

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