MakeMe is a modern replacement for the venerable make and not so popular autoconf utilities.

MakeMe builds directly or generates native Makefiles and IDE projects from a single, unified project description. MakeMe provides a higher level of abstraction for defining software builds. MakeMe is open source, so use it now in your projects.

Read why MakeMe can accelerate your development.

MakeMe Overview Specs

Tech Bits

MakeMe Features

  • Configuration and component discovery — replaces autoconf
  • Compiler capability sleuthing
  • Single, master configuration source header — me.h
  • Generation of Xcode, Visual Studio, Make, Nmake and shell script projects
  • Automatic C/C++ source code dependencies
  • Cross platform. Easily handles Windows, Linux and Mac builds
  • Cross-compilation support
  • Building outside source tree for read-only file systems
  • MakeMe files are Javascript source and are easily modified and extended
  • Multiple build profiles (debug, release, ...)
  • Very fast configuration and building times, even on windows
  • MakeMe is Open Source and can be used freely under the GPL license.

Nice Bits

  • Unified project view, no "make" style recursion required
  • MakeMe configuration may be comprised of multiple MakeMe files
  • MakeMe file targets and scripts are relative to their own directory
  • Targets can be named symbolically not just by the target path.
  • MakeMe provides a "why" option to display why a target was or was not rebuilt (me --why)
  • MakeMe files and targets intelligently inherit of outer project properties



You can access the documentation and Samples or just read the Code to help yourself.


You may log bugs and open issues on the MakeMe Issue Database.


Want to help the MakeMe community as a contributing developer?

Read about how to create patches and join the fun.

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