Historial Pak Roadmap

This roadmap is no longer maintained. Please consult GitHub Pak Milestones for a current roadmap.

The Pak roadmap is created by listening to user input. As such, it is subject to change. This roadmap is not a commitment to product, but reflects our current thinking about future directions. Those who shout the loudest — often get what they ask for. To request a feature, please send email to: dev@embedthis.com

Release Schedule

Our release schedule is driven by software readiness. Nevertheless, here is an outline of our current best estimate.

Release Date
Embedthis Pak 0.9.4 July 2014 (est)
Embedthis Pak 0.9.3 June 2014
Embedthis Pak 0.9.2 May 2014
Embedthis Pak 0.9.1 May 2014
Embedthis Pak 0.9.0 Jaunary 2014