Pak Project Resources

Embedthis developers use a variety of tools and resources to better manage the Pak project. These include source code control and an issue tracking database.

Source Code Repository

The Pak source code is hosted in a Git repository. We provide open read-only access. Write access is available to regular contributing developers.

Issue and Bug List

The Pak open issue and bug list is stored in a GitHub Issue database. Use the issue list to report bugs, issues and questions. Make sure you do the following:

Most folks are way too brief in describing issues. To solve quickly, more detail really helps.

You may also ask questions in the form of well described issues at the GitHub Pak issue database.

Developer Contributors Agreement

Developers are very welcome, both as occasional contributors or core developers. For Embedthis to accept patches or code from any developer, the developer must first have completed the Contributors Agreement. This agreement is designed to ensure that you are protected and that your patches can be utilized by everyone. All submitted patches that are included in Pak are governed by this agreement.

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