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Pak Profiles

Pak supports the definition of execution profiles. For example: dev, test or prod profile. By defining an execution profile, a specific Pak configuration may be easily defined and enabled.

The Pak profile is defined via the profile property. This then selects collections of properties under the profiles property. For example: { "profile": "dev", "profiles": { "dev": { "import": true, }, "prod": { "import": false, } } }

When the profile is set to dev, the properties under profiles.dev are logically copied to the top level of the pak.json properties. i.e. import is set to true.

Changing Profile

Use the pak profile MODE command to change the execution profile. For example:

pak profile dev

To display the current profile, run: pak profile

Other Applications

Other applications such as Expansive utilize the pak.json profile setting and modify their execution profile similarly. The ESP Web Framework also uses the profile setting.

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