Embedthis Pak is a package manager for application components. Pak makes it easy to retrieve, integrate and manage components for applications.

Unlike other package managers, Pak will automatically install and configure downloaded packages — no more manual file installation each time you upgrade a library.

Read why Pak is unique and perfect for your application.

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Pak Catalog


Pak can install packages from the Pak, NPM and Bower catalogs:

pak install npm:angular
pak install bower:angular
pak install angular

The Pak Catalog is a meta-catalog that provides customized, integrated components that are designed work together. Pak makes it easy to publish packs into the catalog and uses GitHub as the back-end storage for packages.

Browse Pak Catalog

For more information about installing Paks from the command line, read Installing Packages.

Tech Bits

What's cool about Pak

  • Install, list and uninstall packages into a local application
  • Manages a local cache of retrieved packages
  • Provides a global catalog to search for public paks
  • Easy upgrading paks when new versions become available
  • Automatically retrieves and installs dependant paks
  • Supports the CommonJS package standard
  • Supports the SemVer package versioning standard
  • Supports GitHub as the primary pak storage repository
  • Open source and free to use

Nice Bits

  • Local cache of paks supports fast offline use
  • Can publish, modify and retract paks in the global catalog
  • Web portal to manage your published paks
  • Integrates with the Bower repository to seamlessly download Bower components
  • Packages are described via a Package.json file that is compatible with nodejs
  • Fast, fast, fast. Did I say fast?


You can access the documentation and Samples or just read the Code to help yourself.


Pak is open source, so you may log bugs and open issues on the Pak Issue Database.


Want to help the Pak community as a contributing developer? You'll find Pak is very easy to hack and extend.

Read about how to create patches and join the fun.

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