ESP — the amazing "C" language web framework that works at thought-speed. It is extremely efficient and accesses hardware and system data with ease to create compelling web applications.

Read why ESP is unique and perfect for the Internet of Things.

Overview Specs

Kickstart Device Management


Kickstart your Project

Kickstart is a fully working ESP sample application that you can use as your starting point. Kickstart employs best practices for dynamic, responsive web applications.

For more information, read Kickstart for ESP.


Embedthis ESP is commercially licensed, royalty-free with complete source code, documentation and samples. We will work with you to tailor the license if required to meet your specific needs.

We provide free product evaluations under an evaluation License so you may thoroughly test and understand the software before licensing.

Read More About Licensing

Commercial License

The ESP royalty-free commercial license has the following benefits:

  • The right to develop and modify the software
  • The ability to distribute the software with your products
  • Simple one-time purchase, thereafter royalty-free right to distribute
  • Software maintenance for updates and upgrades
  • Priority software support services

Commercial Support

Enjoy priority support and proactive security patches. Embedthis provides diagnostic help and support for commercial license customers. Contact


You can access the documentation and Samples or just read the Code to help yourself.

Read in detail about the Support Options.


Open source customers may log bugs and open issues on the ESP Issue Database.

Who's Using ESP

ESP is embedded in millions of devices and applications. For example: printers, routers, switches, IP phones, mobile applications, data acquisition, military applications and WIFI gateways. Here is a small selection of who is using ESP.


Want to help the ESP community as a contributing developer?

Read about how to create patches and join the fun.

Developers Only

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