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Appweb is a blazing fast and compact embedded web server for the efficient and secure hosting of embedded web applications. Appweb dramatically cuts the time and cost of developing web applications by including the ESP web framework and an extensive set of features.

Highly Optimized

Appweb is optimized for hosting dynamic embedded web applications via an event driven, multi-threaded core to deliver exceptional throughput and effective memory utilization. It is compact and will embed using as little as 1MB of memory (typical 2-4MB). It is especially effective in reducing the per-request memory overhead for web applications.

Extensive Features

Appweb has a strong set of features including: HTTP/1, HTTP/2, SSL/TLS, basic and digest authentication, virtual hosting, loadable modules, Apache style configuration file, CGI, ESP, PHP, sandbox resource limits, logging, request tracing, monitoring, defensive counter-measures, service manager, and extensive conditional configuration and compilation controls.

With these features, Appweb is designed to make hosting and embedding web applications painless. Appweb is the perfect server to host your web application.

Deployed Widely

As one of the most widely deployed embedded web servers, Appweb is being used in networking equipment, telephony, mobile devices, consumer and office equipment as well as hosting for enterprise web applications and frameworks.


Appweb provides the following components:

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