Device Builder

Command, Control and Dashboard for Ioto

The Builder is part of the Ioto solution and is a one-stop-shop for building connected devices. Use it manage your device products, configure device agents, and create and control cloud management.

Device Builder

Device Builder Portal

Accelerate Building Connected Devices

  • Define products and download device agents.
  • Create and manage device clouds in any AWS region worldwide.
  • Create and deploy a custom user device manager UI.
  • Manage over-the-air device software updates.
  • Monitor and manage the performance of your cloud and devices.
  • Talk to online to EmbedThis support experts.
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Device Builder

Ioto Device Manager

Create Your Custom Device UI

  • Customized device manager using the white-label Ioto Device Manager.
  • Add your product name, logo, color schema, custom device data and screens.
  • Library of UI widgets for graphs, tables, gauges, and editing property panels.
  • Powerful metrics for any device data for flexible time ranges and statistics for: max, min, avg, sum, P90 and P95.
  • Leverage the pre-built authentication, navigation, dashboards, world-wide deployment, security and performance.
  • Alternatively, create your own bespoke UI using the Ioto APIs.
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Device Builder

Organizations and Access Control

Manage User Access

  • Invite users to give access to your builder account.
  • Assign user roles and access permissions.
  • Grant access to view dashboards and metrics.
  • Grant access download agent software.
  • Grant access to open support cases with EmbedThis.
  • Manage billing, subscriptions and renewals.
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Device Builder Members

Over the Air Updates

Device Software Updates

  • Easily deploy new device features and patch security issues.
  • Selectively deploy updates to specific devices.
  • Create distribution policies using device configuration.
  • Manage gradual device population updates.
  • Improve device functionality over time.
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Builder Software


Get help when you need it

  • Open support cases online.
  • Receive email copies of all correspondence.
  • Copy all required staff members.
  • Assign issue severity.
  • Purchase basic and developer support packages.
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Builder Support

Get Started

Start now and use the Builder to configure your custom Ioto cloud solution.

  • Define products, devices and download the Ioto device agent
  • Create AWS device clouds in a region of your choosing
  • Customize the white-label Device Manager