About Us


Embedthis Software LLC is a specialist software design firm that provides first-class web technologies to developers who create embedded applications and devices. Our passion is to create efficient, clean, robust and secure software that you can bet your products on. We love our work.

Embedthis offers both commercial and open source products and custom development services. The company's products and services help developers reduce product and security risk, achieve faster time-to-market and lower project costs. The privately held company's headquarters are in Seattle, Washington, USA.

Our Goal

I founded Embedthis to create software for smart, useful and connected devices. Often overlooked, the hidden internet is the fabric of devices we use each day in our lives. I wanted the products and devices in this fabric to be more easily connected and more powerfully web-enabled. So we have created a family of fast, efficient and secure software products that can be easily integrated into embedded applications and devices.

We have a passion for clean, elegant solutions and software that excels at what it does. To create such software with a team of equally committed individuals is pure fun.

— Michael O'Brien, Founder, CEO

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