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Extension Packages

ESP can be augmented by installing packages to provide content and extended functionality. ESP uses packages to deliver client libraries, frameworks, plugins and application skeletons. ESP has a wide variety of extension ESP packages to make your development more productive.

The Pak Manager

ESP uses the amazing Pak package manager. The Pak utility is used to install, manage, upgrade and uninstall packages for ESP. Packages can be installed from the NPM catalog or from GitHub.

For example, to install Bootstrap using Pak:

$ pak install bootstrap
   [Install] jquery 3.3.1
   [Install] bootstrap 4.1.0

Behinds the scenes, Pak has downloaded Bootstrap into your local Pak cache — typically ~/.paks, installed Bootstrap into the local paks directory, and added bootstrap to the list of dependencies in the pak.json. It also downloaded and installed the jQuery required dependency.


ESP uses several packages published by Expansive to render and manage content.

Package Name Description
exp-angular Manage building Angular applications.
exp-babel Convert client-side ES6 Javascript to ES5 for current browsers.
exp-css Process CSS files to add browser specific prefixes and minify the output.
exp-esp Compile ESP pages, controllers and applications.
exp-gzip Compress final content using gzip.
exp-html Process HTML files to minify.
exp-js Process Javascript files to minify.
exp-less Process Less stylesheets into CSS.
exp-markdown Process markdown pages into HTML.
exp-reload Live reload in the browser for Expansive when content is updated.
exp-sass Process SASS files into css.
exp-shell Run shell scripts and capture the output.

ESP Skeleton Packages

ESP publishes application skeletons to support creating ESP applications. Skeletons are starter packages that include page layouts, navigation, stylesheets, fonts, other content and dependent packages.

Package Name Description
esp-skeleton ESP application starter skeleton. Supports ESP pages, controllers and database migrations.
esp-html-skeleton ESP application starter skeleton for HTML5 MVC applications. This skeleton builds upon esp-skeleton and adds support for scaffolds and server-side scaffold views.
esp-vue ESP support for VueJS.
esp-vue-skeleton ESP application starter skeleton for client-side VueJS Applications.

Want More?

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