Expansive is a powerful web site generator that quickly creates compelling web sites with dynamic content. It uses powerful templating, scripting and tooling to provide a complete web site creation environment to accelerate your web application development.

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Expansive Overview Specs

Tech Bits

Expansive Features

Expansive will generate static web sites from pages, layouts, partials and scripts. It has the following major features:

  • Layout pages to define the look and feel of site
  • Partial pages to include replicated content
  • Per-page meta data to control layouts and partials
  • Integrated web server to serve content
  • Watch for changes and automatically render site
  • Ejscript templates for dynamic content
  • Scripting support via change events
  • Automatic sitemap creation
  • Content transition pipeline
  • Open plugin architecture

Nice Bits

  • Easy switching between development and production release modes.
  • Extensible, modular plugin interface
  • Suite of plugins to process stylesheets, Less stylesheets, scripts and other common resources.
  • Plugins packaged as Paks for easy installation via the Pak utility.
  • Very fast rendering. Benchmark: sample site with 1329 pages, 92 scripted pages using master layout, partials, and generating 8 sitemaps — rendered in 1.97 secs.
  • Minimal system load. Benchmark: monitoring representative site for changes uses only 1.7% of the CPU on a Mac notebook.



You can access the documentation or just read the Code to help yourself.


You may log bugs and open issues on the Expansive Issue Database.


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