Release Notes

Welcome to the Embedthis ESP™ installation release notes. This document provides release-specific information for ESP. This package contains the ESP web framework and a stand-alone web server for serving your ESP applications. The package also includes the development libraries and headers needed to embed ESP in a device or application.


This software is copyrighted and distributed under license. It is available under a commercial license. Please read for details.

ESP includes support for several external packages such as OpenSSL and Bootstrap. These packages have their own licenses. Make sure you check the relevant package license details to ensure you are complying with their licenses.

System Requirements

Binary releases are supplied for the following operating systems.

The following operating systems may be supported by recompiling ESP from source.

The following CPU architectures are supported: arm, mips, ppc, xscale, x86, x64, sparc.

Run-time System Requirements

To deploy ESP, you will need at least the following:

Build and Tool Requirements

If you are building the software from source or using Expansive to render web applications you may require:

Development Environment Hardware Platform Support

If you wish to build ESP from source code, you will need to use a "C" compiler and associated development tools. Several development environments are supported. You may choose any of the following to compile and build samples and source code.

Debug Trace and Logging

ESP has a debug logging and trace facility that can help when debugging configuration issues or developing your application code that uses ESP. You can vary the level of logging via the --log logfile command line switch for the esp commands. The log command line switch has the format:

esp --log logFile:logLevel

To see the HTTP request trace Use the --trace switch.

esp --trace stdout:4

The log level can be from 0 to 5, with 5 being the most verbose level.

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