Expansive has some debugging features to help you determine why the program may not be rendering your site the way you expect.

Verbose Mode

Expansive verbose mode provide detailed trace as it loads configuration, plugins and renders the site. This can help pin-point what Expansive thinks it is doing.

$ expansive -v
   [Loading] expansive.json
      [Info] Using mode: debug
    [Plugin] exp-internal provides "exp" for exp -> *
      [Load] Plugin paks/animate.css
      [Load] Plugin paks/exp-analytics
    [Plugin] exp-analytics provides "analytics" for html -> html
      [Load] Plugin paks/exp-css
 [Transform] layouts/default.html.exp (exp -> *)
   [Service] exp from "exp-internal"
 [Transform] partials/head.html.exp (exp -> *)
   [Service] exp from "exp-internal"
 [Transform] partials/head.html.exp (html -> html)
   [Service] analytics from "exp-analytics"

Conversely to verbose mode, there is a quite mode.

$ expansive -q

Debug Mode

Debug mode will dump some internal Expansive data structures on startup and will also display symbolic stack backtraces for internal and other scripting errors. These data structures include:

$ expansive -d

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