User's Guide

The Expansive User's Guide explains the following topics:

Topic Description
Quick Tour of Expansive Quick tour of Expansive features for beginners.
Commands Expansive command line tool commands.
Files and Directories Standard file and directories used by Expansive.
Packages Extending Expansive via installable packages.
Skeletons Ready-made skeletons to quickly get started.
Plugins Using plugins to render different content.
Meta Data Parameterizing and customizing pages via page meta data.
Partials Reusing common page segments via partial pages
Layouts Master page layouts and templating.
Assets and Raw Files Processing images, fonts and media assets.
Scripts and Stylesheets Rendering stylesheet links.
Collections Collections.
Scripting Using Ejscript for in-page scripting.
Rendering Expansive rendering pipeline.
Serving Content Serving content via the built-in web server.
Configuration Configuring Expansive.
Sitemaps Generating sitemaps.
Trouble Shooting Trouble shooting when things go wrong.

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