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Release Notes

Welcome to the Embedthis Expansive™ installation release notes. This document provides release-specific information for Expansive. This package contains a pre-built stand-alone (binary) web server and the development libraries and headers needed to embed Expansive in a device or application.


This software is copyrighted and distributed under license. It is available under a GPLv2 open source license and an optional commercial license. Please read LICENSE.md for details.

System Requirements

Binary releases are supplied for the following operating systems.

The following operating systems are supported by recompiling Expansive from source.

Build and Tool Requirements

If you are building the software from source you may require:

Development Environment Hardware Platform Support

If you wish to build Expansive from source code, you will need to use a "C" compiler and associated development tools. Several development environments are supported. You may choose any of the following to compile and build samples and source code.