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Expansive Features

Expansive will generate static web sites from pages, layouts, partials and scripts. It has the following major features:


Expansive Command Tool

Dynamic Content

Page Layout



Developer Support

Platform Support

Other Features

Selection of Plugins

Name Description
exp-css Process CSS files to add browser specific prefixes and minify the output.
exp-esp Compile ESP pages and applications.
exp-gzip Compress final output using gzip.
exp-js Process Javascript files to mangle and minify.
exp-less Process Less stylesheets into CSS.
exp-md Process markdown pages.
exp-ng Angular applications.
exp-sass Process SASS files into css.
exp-shell Run shell scripts and capture the output.

Selection of Skeletons

Skeletons provide ready-to-go starting points for your applications. The include configuration and packages required for specific environments.

Name Description
exp-html-skeleton Run shell scripts and capture the output.
exp-semantic-skeleton Run shell scripts and capture the output.