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Device Cloud Limits

Ioto defines data limits to protect you, your devices, customers and the service. If a device or devices send too much data to the cloud, Ioto protects you and your customers by throttling (slowing) incoming data from offending devices.

Depending on your Device Cloud plan these limits and enforcement policies may vary.

Data Traffic

The amount of data you send to the device cloud is measured as the number of KBytes sent on average per device per hour. This traffic is then compared with the limit for your device cloud.

As you connect more devices, your data limit scales automatically with the number of devices connecting to the cloud. What is measured is the average data traffic over your entire pool of connecting devices.

For example, if you have 100 devices and a limit of 60 messages per device per hour, this means that your pool of devices can send up to 6,000 messages to the cloud per hour.

Ioto supports short-term burst traffic above the limit, but if your sustained, aggregate traffic exceeds your limit, the offending devices will have their sending rate throttled.

Data Limits

The data limits vary depending your your device cloud type and plan.

For Hosted device clouds and the Evaluation device cloud, data limits ensure the cloud infrastructure is not monopolized by any one device, set of devices or users.

The evaluation cloud is a shared device cloud that is intended for the short term evaluation of a few devices. It has higher limits, as it is typically used with few devices and consequently lower aggregate device pool limits.

For a Dedicated cloud, you are the sole user of the cloud running in your own AWS account. In this case limits are advisory and can be increased if required. Contact support if you need a limit increase.

Cloud Limits

Device Cloud Limit
Eval Cloud 60 messages (1K) per device per hour
Hosted Cloud 10 messages (1K) per device per hour
Dedicated Cloud 100 messages (1K) per device per hour


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