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API Access

The EmbedThis Ioto API is a REST API to allow you to interact with the Ioto service.

The Ioto API provides calls to:

  • Manage devices
  • Access device database data
  • Create and access metric data
  • Provision devices with certificates and credentials

Authentication Tokens

To authorize your request, you need to supply a CloudAPI authentication token obtained from the Builder. The CloudAPI token grants administrator privilege to the caller when accessing a device cloud. The authentication tokens can be accessed from the Builder Token list or from the Cloud/Edit panel.

API Access

API Endpoint

The Ioto API endpoint is unique per device cloud. You can see the API endpoint in the Cloud/Edit panel.

HTTP Methods

All API requests use the POST method for simplicity.

HTTP Headers

To include the token in your request, add the token ID via the Authorization HTTP header with a "bearer" prefix. For example:

Authorization: bearer 1234567990X0C3B0ABF3CF81DZ
Content-Type: application/json

The API requests use a HTTP Content-Type of application/json for both requests and responses.


Using the Ioto url command:

url '' \
'Authorization: bearer 1234567990X0C3B0ABF3CF81DZ' '{"_type": "Device"}'

or using Curl:

curl -v \
--header 'Authorization: bearer 1234567990X0C3B0ABF3CF81DZ' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data '{"_type":"Device"}' \


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Ioto Device API