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The Device Manager uses the Vuetify.js design framework for UI components that is ideal for creating consistent, usable device management web applications.

Vuetify is a popular Material Design Framework for Vue.js. It provides a comprehensive suite of pre-made Vue components that are ready to use and fully customizable, adhering to Google's Material Design principles. Vuetify is designed to help developers create beautiful, responsive layouts and applications quickly and efficiently, without needing to spend a lot of time on CSS and design.

The framework offers a wide array of UI components, including buttons, dialogs, cards, data tables, and many more, all designed to work out of the box with Vue.js applications. These components are built to be accessible and internationalization-friendly, making it easier to create web applications that are accessible to a wide audience.

Vuetify is built on top of Vue.js, meaning it inherits Vue’s reactivity and component-oriented architecture, allowing for a seamless integration into Vue projects. This makes it an excellent choice for developers looking to leverage Vue.js’s capabilities while also maintaining a consistent, attractive design across their application with minimal effort.

Additionally, Vuetify includes support a range of pre-designed themes, and comprehensive documentation, making it a powerful tool for developers building Vue.js applications that need to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

For device management applications, Vuetify can significantly speed up development time and ensure your application follows the best practices of Material Design.