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The download software may be used with either the GPL open source license or an Embedthis Appweb commercial license. Read more at: Appweb Licensing.

Appweb Version 7 is the latest, most up to date version of Appweb. This version will have new features, fixes and patches. We recommend that all projects use this version.

Appweb Current Package Version 7.0.3

Appweb 7 Source CodeTARappweb-7.0.3-src.tgz

To build from source, install packages, or build web sites, you will require:

If you wish to configure the software before building, you will need to download the MakeMe configuration build tool.

Source Code Repository

To access the Appweb source code at GitHub, goto: GitHub Appweb Repository. To download source code for specific versions, goto: Appweb Releases.

Core developers who have established a track record of having patches accepted into the Appweb code base will be granted write access to the repository. If you wish to have write access to the source repository, please ask by emailing:

Appweb Legacy Releases

Legacy source releases are provided for those who have existing systems and applications using older Appweb versions. Appweb versions 2 to 6 are designated as "end-of-life". This means that security patches are not created for these versions. Commercial support is available via commercial legacy support programs. Users are strongly advised to upgrade to Appweb 7.

Appweb 6 Source CodeTARappweb-6.2.3-src.tgz
Appweb 5 Source CodeTARappweb-5.6.2-src.tgz
Appweb 4 Source CodeTARappweb-4.7.3-src.tgz
Appweb 3 Source CodeTARappweb-3.4.2-0-src.tgz
Appweb 2 Source CodeTARappweb-2.4.4-0-src.tgz

Appweb Release Archive

Other Appweb releases are available from the Appweb Release Archive.


For community support for Appweb, please visit our Issue Tracking site.

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