You have a variety of support options for Embedthis products available through the Builder.

Commercial Support

Commercial support is available for the Ioto agent and Ioto cloud service and also for the Appweb and GoAhead wb servers.

Embedthis offers two types of support:

Basic Support

Basic support provides help to get you started using Embedthis products and services. It covers installation and basic operational use. It does not cover developer coding or debugging issues.

Basic support is $720 USD per year.

Basic support can be paid monthly or yearly in advance. The yearly discount provides a 10% discount over the per-month pricing.

Developer Support

Developer support provides in-depth developer help for design and implementation issues. This covers embedded development, cloud-based device management, developer coding and debugging issues and support for legacy software versions.

Developer support is $250 USD per hour.

Developer is paid in advance and requires that basic support also be enabled. Developer support is valid for 2 years from the date of purchase.

Security Update Notifications

You can subscribe for security notifications via the Embedthis Builder.

Issue Databases

You can use Builder to report bugs, track issues and ask questions.

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