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Cloud-based Device Management

Build your devices to be managed from the cloud

Manage locally or remotely with total control

Ioto Device Management

Manage locally or via the cloud.


Ioto Device Agent

Cloud-ready device agent powerhouse in 120K.

  • Manage locally via the embedded web server.
  • Integrate with other services via the HTTP client.
  • Store and manage state via an integrated JSON engine and parser.
  • Out-of-the-box integration with AWS IoT.
  • Integrate with AWS IoT, CloudWatch, S3, Kinesis and Lambda.
  • Only 120K code.
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Ioto Agent

AWS IoT Ready

Connect your devices to the AWS IoT cloud.

  • Use the cloud-ready Embedthis Ioto device agent.
  • Capture device data and export to AWS.
  • Send control-plane data to AWS IoT Shadows.
  • Save structured data to AWS DynamoDB data warehouse.
  • Stream volume trace data to AWS S3 data lake.
  • Store device logs and metrics in AWS CloudWatch.
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Embedded Web Server

Manage locally via the integrated embedded web server

  • The fastest most efficient embedded web server.
  • HTTP/1.1 web server with SSL/TLS.
  • Sessions and cookie management.
  • Authentication and user management.
  • URL actions bind URLs to C functions with exceptional performance.
  • Transfer chunk and mulit-part mime file upload.
  • HTML helpers for encoding, decoding and escaping.
  • Tiny footprint: Web server component is 25K code, 96K all up.
  • Unrivaled performance: 9,300 request per second on a PI 4 device.
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SenseDeep Alarms

MQTT Client

Connect to the cloud via the integrated MQTT client.

  • Publish and subscribe MQTT messaging client.
  • MQTT 3.1.1 compliant.
  • SSL/TLS encryption with ALPN over port 443.
  • Supports connect, publish, subscribe, ping and disconnect messages.
  • Message quality of service for reliable delivery.
  • Parallelism via fiber coroutines. No ugly callbacks or complex threads.
  • Retained message support.
  • Elegant, non-blocking procedural API.
  • Tiny footprint: MQTT component is 2K, 80K all up.
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MQTT Pub / Sub

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