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Complete IoT Solution

EmbedThis has everything you need for a complete end-to-end IoT solution. The Builder portal helps you create, configure, manage and update your products and devices. This is coupled with an efficient device agent for communications with your device and a user device console to manage one or more devices.

Device Builder

The Builder is a one-stop-shop to define your connected device products, configure device agents, and create and control cloud-based management of your devices.

Device Agent

Embedthis Ioto is an embedded agent for locally or remotely managing devices. It is tiny, but blazing fast and has an extensive suite of management protocols and capabilities.

Device Manager

The Device Manager is a white-labeled cloud-based manager that is uniquely configured for your devices and device cloud. It can be extensively customized with your logo, product name, color and font theme, device data and device specific UI.

Dashboards and Widgets

The Builder and the Device Manager provides configurable dashboards to display device data. A suite of widget types is supported including: gauges, graphs, table, numeric and text widgets.

Unlimited Metrics

Create metrics to track and monitor any device data. Compute statistics: max, min, average, and P values.

Over the Air Updates

Keep your devices current with over-the-air updates. The Builder OTA update manager can selectively deploy updates to any desired subset of your device population.

Get to Market Faster

Complete End-to-End IoT Serivce

You can focus on your product and let EmbedThis Ioto provide the the end-to-end cloud infrastructure, device agent and device manager. This dramatically lowers your product design risk and eliminates non-core IoT tasks from your schedule. This saves up to 90% of your IoT design time.

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Provisioned Dedicated Cloud

Ioto creates and provisions an AWS device cloud for your secure device management. Ioto creates, configures and integrates over a dozen AWS services creating and managing a sophisticated IoT cloud for your devices. The cloud is created and managed according to best practices saving you countless hours. This saves you up to 80% of your IoT implementation time.

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No-code White Label Device Manager

Ioto provides a device manager for your device users to manage their devices. You can customize the device manager with your logo, device data and UI without code. This accelerates your IoT delivery time by up to 5x.

Alternatively, you can create your own bespoke device manager using the Ioto APIs.

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Accelerate your Delivery

The Builder automates numerous key steps in your IoT journey, including: creating device clouds, managing device communications, routing and storing device data, computing metrics and managing over the air updates.

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AWS + EmbedThis

EmbedThis brings over 20 years of embedded device management experience together with the unmatched AWS IoT platform to deliver the innovative Ioto device management service.

AWS Iot Platform

The AWS IoT platform has huge scale, rock solid reliability, extensive redundancy with no scale limits. It offers over 26 regional cloud computing centers so your data can be stored and kept local.

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20 Years Embedded Experience

EmbedThis has been creating and delivering embedded solutions to critical markets for over 20 years. We have created embedded solutions for networking, transport, consumer electronics, factory automation and health care verticals and our software powers over 600 products and over 210 million devices.

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Innovative Design

Ioto employs an innovative design to offer incredible scale, low cost and exacting, granular management of your devices. Ioto breaks new ground with its design by using a distributed device database that transparently synchronizes device data with the cloud and 100% AWS Serverless infrastructure.

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Security and Peace of Mind

The Ioto solution uses local governance of device data, redundancy and encryption to safeguard your data.

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Device Data

Your device data is not stored with other customer tenants data. Your data is stored in a dedicated, private AWS DynamoDB database in a local AWS region of your choosing. Your device data never transits another service or network and goes directly from your device to your device cloud.

Control and Privacy

For absolute control, you can host your device cloud in a dedicated AWS account you own. With this dedicated hosting, you have 100% privacy and control over the governance, storage and management of your device data.

Robust AWS IoT

Your data will be reliably stored with 6 data replicas and full point-in-time backups. Your compute logic will run in 3 AWS availability zones so you can continue to run in the unlikely event of AWS outages.

Encrypted Communications

All communications are encrypted end-to-end and your device data and commands never transit another service or network. Device data is encrypted in transit and at rest.

Trusted Partner

"EmbedThis was great to work with and they played a critical role in designing and building our embedded web management application. They were well organized, knew how to cleanly walk through the process; guiding us each step of the way. They provided excellent support as we worked through the final details to modify the code before delivery to our customer."

Greg Hoepfner

Best Engineering

"Embedthis are hands down the best embedded engineering team I have ever worked with. Their code is exceptionally clean, elegant, and an inspiration to avid software developers. If you're doing embedded work, I can't think of anyone that would be better to have with your team."

Scott Penberthy
Gilt Group

Great Code!

"I've looked at the source code and love it. Very crisp and to the point, no fluff. Well structured, great data structures, very portable, clearly the product of an expert programmer."

Dwight Vandenberghe
Pentasoft Corporation

Device Builder

EmbedThis Builder is a developer studio for creating and managing Internet connected devices. The EmbedThis Builder is used to manage your connected device products, download device agent software, and configure and control cloud-based management.

Device Clouds

The device Builder creates and provisions device clouds in an AWS region of your choosing so your data stays local. Ioto configures, integrates and maintains over a dozen AWS services in your device cloud for the utmost performance and security for your devices — regardless of scale.

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Device Manager

The Builder will create and provision a device manager web site for your end users to manage their devices. This UI is hosted by EmbedThis on a domain of your choosing. The Device Manager can be customized by the Builder with your logo and style preferences.

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Over the Air Updates

It is essential to be able to update and upgrade the software in your devices so you can deploy new features, patch security vulnerabilities and improve performance over time. The Builder can orchestrate over the air updates to any desired subset of your device population.

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Fully Customizable

The Ioto experience can be tailored to suit your specific device and user needs. You can define and customize your device data structure, the device data processing and the device manager user interface.

White Label Device Manager

The Ioto Device Manager is a white-labeled cloud-based device manager that is uniquely configured for your devices. It can be extensively customized to manage devices with your logo, product name, color and font theme, device data and device specific UI.

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Custom Business Logic

You can create and integrate custom business logic to respond to any device related event. Ioto will trigger AWS EventBridge events when relevant data transitions happen.

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Device Database

The Ioto cloud database can store almost any device data you wish at scale. The database schema can be defined and customized at run-time. Other IoT platforms are restrictive in the structure of data you store. Ioto is extremely flexible in the way your device data can be captured, stored and managed.

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Make your IoT solution dance!

Scale from 1 device to millions

Ioto does not impose scale or data limits. You can seamlessly scale from just a few devices to millions without changing architecture. The underlying AWS IoT cloud is dependable and resilient against failures.

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Pay as you go

Only pay for device cloud connectivity when used.

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Dedicated Private Device Clouds

Each product you create can have its own device cloud to securely isolate your device data.

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Device Database

Device data is stored in an AWS DynamoDB for linear scale as you grow.

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AWS Serverless

All compute is performed with AWS Lambda for low-cost, scalable compute.

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Get Started

Start now and use the Builder to configure your custom Ioto cloud solution.

  • Define products, devices and download the Ioto device agent
  • Create AWS device clouds in a region of your choosing
  • Customize the white-label Device Manager