Appweb Licensing

Appweb is published in two editions with different licenses:

Embedthis Appweb Enterprise Edition is commercially licensed, royalty-free, with complete source code, documentation and samples. The software may be licensed for a single product, a product family or a custom field of endeavor. Contact for details.

Appweb Community Edition is provided for product evaluations under an Open Source GPL License so you may thoroughly test and understand the software before licensing. Please note that if you wish to use the GPL license in production, you will be required to license all your code that links with Appweb under the GPL license as well.

Enterprise Edition Benefits

Embedthis Appweb Enterprise Edition is governed by a royalty-free commercial license provides you with the following benefits:

Support Services

Support services are offered separately at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. Support provides:

Software Maintenance

Renewable software maintenance is offered separately from support and provides product updates and upgrades for the software for 12 months. Maintenance is highly recommended to stay abreast of the changing security environment.

Product Pricing

Please contact us at for a price quotation. Please be sure to include your name, company information and details about your product in which you plan to incorporate Embedthis software. NDAs are available on request.

Development Services

We also offer comprehensive development services to assist you in creating your application or device. See Development Services for more detail.


Embedthis Appweb is developed in the USA and is subject to U.S. export laws. Please read Export Classification for ECCN information.

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