GoAhead 6 Update


I’m happy to announce the release of GoAhead 6 to celebrate customers trusting GoAhead for over 25 years.

GoAhead has been and is being used in hundreds of millions of devices in network equipment, health care, industrial control, consumer equipment and many other markets. GoAhead is simple, compact and secure.

This release cleans up old deprecated code and upgrades the API stability classifications. This release, is a major release as our policy of using Semantic Versioning requires a major version update when the public API interface is changed by removing deprecated code.

For customers who are using GoAhead 5.X, this will be a straight-forward upgrade with no code-impacting API changes.

Ongoing Maintenance

Embedthis is continuing to provide security updates for GoAhead, but the focus of our development energies are now behind the Ioto web server. We recommend that new device projects use Ioto for their embedded web server needs.

We will continue to support GoAhead with patches for security and maintenance issues.

If you have questions, please contact us at: sales@embedthis.com.


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