Appweb 6 Arrives


Appweb 6 is released and this marks the start of a new stage for Appweb. This is because Appweb 6 currently almost identical to Appweb 5.4.4. Sounds strange, but Appweb now has all the battle-hardened features needed for embedded web development. So why change version?

Semantic Versioning

Appweb is using Semantic Versioning and this mandates that version numbers mean specific things. A version number is typically of the form Major.Minor.Patch, for example: 6.0.1. A patch release will vary the last digit and will not break compatibility. A minor release changes the middle minor version digit and may change functionality in a backwards compatible fashion. A major release that changes the major version portion may make incompatible changes.

Because Appweb 6 will be removing deprecated features from Appweb 5, we must change to a new major version number. So while Appweb 6 is almost identical to Appweb 5.4.4, we bump to a new major version 6.

Little Change

Appweb 6 will be highly compatible with Appweb 5. Appweb 5 has proven itself over the past two years and user feedback has honed it into a highly effective tool for creating embedded applications. Appweb 6 continues this evolution. We expect Appweb 6 to be very stable but will add some new features over time.

What Version to Use?

If you are starting a new project, use Appweb 6. It will receive some new features and will evolve to respond to new market needs. If you are upgrading an existing project that is already in production, use Appweb 5.


Download Appweb from:

Read more about Appweb, at:


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