Cloud-Based Management for Device Builders


Introducing Ioto — Cloud-Based Device Management.

The proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) devices in our daily lives has led device manufacturers to seek ways to incorporate cloud-based management into their products. However, building a cloud-based device management solution is a complex task that requires expertise in various domains, including embedded development, communications, cloud computing, and user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design. To create a solution using Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT, for instance, requires knowledge of numerous AWS services. Therefore, it can be challenging to develop a cloud-based device management solution that is secure, scalable, and cost-effective to maintain.

We created Ioto to be the most secure, scalable IoT solution for device builders.

Creating Ioto

With over two decades of experience in device management and the development of device agents, EmbedThis has a wealth of knowledge in creating secure and effective solutions for device builders of all sizes.

Our GoAhead and Appweb embedded web servers have been widely used in the industry. As cloud-based remote management becomes increasingly important, we wanted to create the best possible platform for scalable and secure device management.

The result is Ioto, a comprehensive cloud-based solution for remote device management that includes an embedded device agent, cloud device management service, device builder portal, and user device manager port.

What is Unique about Ioto?

The EmbedThis Ioto solution is a complete, end-to-end cloud-based device management solution that includes an embedded device agent, cloud device services, builder portal, and user device manager portal. It is built upon the reliable and secure AWS IoT infrastructure, ensuring that it is scalable, cost-effective, and secure for IoT device management. Ioto offers a comprehensive platform for managing devices remotely in the cloud.

The Ioto Solution

Ioto includes the following core components:

The Device Builder Portal is a tool that allows device manufacturers to design, configure, and manage their cloud-based device management solution. It creates dedicated Device Clouds in an AWS account and region of your choosing to securely store device data and manage devices.


The Ioto Device Agent is embedded in devices and communicates securely with the Ioto Device Service in the cloud. The service receives data from devices and sends commands to them as needed.

The Ioto Device Manager is a customizable, white-labeled device management platform for users to monitor and manage their devices. It can be branded with the your own logo and design elements to create a seamless experience for your customers.

Ioto Device Agent

Embedthis Ioto is a small but powerful embedded agent for local and remote device management. It boasts impressive speed and a comprehensive range of management protocols and capabilities.

Ioto includes an HTTP web server, AWS IoT cloud integration, embedded database, MQTT client, HTTP client, JSON parsing, easy provisioning, and OTA upgrading. It can be used for local management through its embedded web server or integrated with the cloud through comprehensive AWS IoT integration. Ioto offers a versatile and flexible solution for managing devices in a variety of environments.


In addition to its impressive range of features and capabilities, Ioto also has a very small memory footprint of only 200K of code, making it ideal for use on Linux and FreeRTOS systems. It can also be easily ported to other platforms, providing flexibility and versatility for device management on a variety of systems.

Agent Components

Ioto provides the following components:

The Ioto solution provides a configurable web portal from which your users can monitor and manage their devices.


When the Builder creates a device cloud, it provides a cloud-based device manager to supervise your devices. This manager, called the Ioto Cloud Device Manager is hosted by Embedthis on a sub-domain of your choosing.

The Ioto Manager is a generic (white-label) cloud-based device manager that is uniquely configured for each device cloud. It can extensively customized to manage your devices with your logo, product name, color and font theme, device data and device specific screens and interface including browser-based and cloud-side custom logic.

The Ioto Manager is extremely flexible, however, there are limits, and you may eventually want to create your own manager application from the ground up, that uses the Ioto APIs to provide a bespoke management experience for your devices.

When a device manufacturer creates a Device Cloud using the Builder, they also gain access to the Ioto Cloud Device Manager, a cloud-based tool for supervising their devices. This manager is hosted by Embedthis on a subdomain chosen by the manufacturer.

The Ioto Manager is a customizable, white-label device manager that is configured specifically for each Device Cloud. It can be extensively modified to include the manufacturer’s logo, product name, color scheme, and font theme, as well as device-specific screens and interfaces for browser-based and cloud-side custom logic.

While the Ioto Manager is highly flexible, there may come a time when a manufacturer wants to build their own manager application from the ground up, using the Ioto APIs to create a unique management experience for their devices. The Ioto APIs provide the necessary tools to create a bespoke management solution.

Why AWS IoT?

EmbedThis has chosen AWS IoT as the foundation for its Ioto cloud management solution for several key reasons:

With Ioto, you get the best of both worlds. A complete end-to-end IoT solution and the rock-solid foundation of AWS IoT.

Want More?

To learn more about EmbedThis Ioto, please read:


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