Ioto 2.1.0 Update


This release adds the CloudKick app which is a cloud version of the Kickstart sample app.

The CloudKick app is a working sample of cloud-based device management that you can use as a starting point for your device management application.

CloudKick demonstrates the capabilities and experience provided by an application created with Ioto and VueJS. It includes includes a UI/UX for a sample router/switch application. CloudKick uses proven designs and best-practices to lower development risk. It includes most of the required elements for a secure web application, so you can eliminate months off your development schedule.




This release is a minor upgrade for all users from previous 2.X releases. API compatibility is high and the ugprade process should be easy.


Go to the Builder and navigate to the Product List to download. Select a product using “Ioto” as the device agent and click the Download icon.

Ongoing Maintenance

If you have questions, please contact us at:


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