Release Modes

Expansive can render web sites according to a configured mode. This mode may be set to debug, test, release, or any string value you like. The mode is stored in the mode property in the package.json file and is accessed by Expansive when rendering the site. For example:

  "debug": {
    "services": {
      "compress": false,
      "minify-css": false,
      "minify-js": false,
  "release": {
    "services": {
      "minify-css": true

This defines two modes: debug and release. In debug mode, minification of CSS and script files is disabled and compression via the exp-gzip plugin is disabled. In release mode, minification is enabled for scripts by default and is explicitly enabled for CSS files.

The mode may be conveniently set via:

pak mode debug
pak mode release


When deploying Expansive web sites, you should configure the appropriate mode and run expansive render. All the files you need for your site will be under the dist directory.

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