GoAhead™ Embedded Web Server

red GoAhead is the world's most popular tiny embedded web server and is deployed in hundreds of millions of devices. GoAhead is simple, compact and ideal for the the efficient hosting of embedded web applications. GoAhead is only 115K of code, yet provides a powerful and comprehensive set of features for secure web applications.

GoAhead has a strong set of features including: SSL, authentication, security limits, and logging. With these features, GoAhead can be easily embedded in your device to run web applications.

Compact and Efficient

GoAhead is optimized for hosting dynamic embedded web applications via an event driven, single-threaded core. It is very compact (115K code) and is especially effective in reducing the per-request memory overhead for web applications.

Extensive Features

GoAhead has a strong set of features including: HTTP/1.1, SSL, TLS, basic,digest and web-form authentication, user/role based authorization, session state storage, CGI, sandbox resource limits, logging, and conditional configuration and compilation controls. With these features, GoAhead can be embedded in your device to effectively host embedded applications.

Deployed Widely

The GoAhead web server is the most widely deployed embedded web server. GoAhead is being used in hundreds of millions of devices including: networking equipment, telephony, factory automation, data acquisition, medical devices, mobile devices and consumer and office equipment.


GoAhead provides the following components:

GoAhead is provided via a royalty free, commercial license with options for commercial maintenance and support.

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