Device Agents Compared

We recommend choosing the Ioto cloud agent for all new devices, even if they are not connected to the cloud as Ioto has the smallest, most efficient and secure embedded web server.

Ioto is ideal for both the smallest embedded systems with minimal memory and for those that require the utmost in performance and security. It offers the highest performance embedded web server, plus MQTT messages and comprehensive AWS IoT integration.

Code Size200KB500KB2MB
HTTP/1.1 Server
MQTT Client
HTTP Client
Cloud Manageable
AWS IoT Core Messages
AWS IoT Shadows State
Log Capture to CloudWatch
Generate Metrics into CloudWatch
Generate Metrics into AWS CloudWatch
IPv4 and IPv6
File Upload and PUT requests
Authentication and User Management
Session and Cookie Handling
C function Actions
Full-duplex streaming
JSON State Management
Programming ModelSingle threaded with fiber coroutinesSingle threadedMultithreaded
Throughput (Raspberry PI 4)9,300/sec3,200/sec1,800/sec
Web Sockets
HTTP/2 Protocol
HTTP Proxy

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