Embedthis Ioto®

Ioto is an all-in-one, cloud-based solution for remotely managing devices. It offers an array of features including an embedded device agent for local or remote management, a cloud device management service, and user-friendly portals for building and managing devices.

Ioto’s integration with AWS IoT allows for powerful cloud management, while its embedded web server allows for local management. The device agent is small yet powerful, with a range of management protocols and capabilities such as a web server, AWS IoT integration, an embedded database, MQTT client, HTTP client, and JSON parsing.

Ioto leverages the leading AWS IoT cloud to support data synchronization to AWS IoT core, rules, and shadows and replication of structured device data transparently into AWS DynamoDB. It also captures logs into CloudWatch Logs, integrates with CloudWatch Metrics, and offers direct streaming to both AWS Kinesis and S3.

Ioto is designed for efficiency, with a small memory footprint, making it well-suited for Linux and FreeRTOS systems and easy to port to other platforms.

With Ioto, device builders can streamline the process of creating manageability for their devices, saving time and resources in the process.

Device Agent

The Ioto device agent is optimized for embedded device management via an evolved, high performance management runtime that delivers exceptional throughput and effective memory utilization. Ioto eliminates the ugliness of event callbacks and the complexity of threads by using fiber coroutines. Ioto is compact and will embed using as little as 500K of memory (typical 1-2MB with TLS). It is especially effective in reducing per-request CPU and memory overhead.

The Ioto device agent has a strong set of features and protocols, including: MQTT, HTTP/1, TLS/SSL, user authentication, embedded database, JSON parser and query engine, JSON config files, sandbox resource limits, flexible logging, request tracing, and extensive conditional configuration and compilation controls.

AWS Cloud

The Ioto cloud service will scale from one to millions of devices. It uses a “serverless” design pattern that will grow as your user device base grows.

Ioto device clouds can be deployed to any AWS region world-wide to ensure your device data stays local and exclusively under your control with optimum performance.

Deployed Widely

Ioto draws from our code base at Embedthis, where we have experience in providing the most widely deployed embedded web servers. Our software has been deployed in hundreds of millions of devices in networking equipment, telephones, mobile devices, and consumer and office equipment worldwide.


The Ioto device agent provides the following components:

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