Embedthis Licensing


Embedthis software is published in two editions:

Enterprise editions are commercially licensed with options for commercial maintenance and support.

Community editions are open source licensed editions provided under the GPL license.

Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise edition is a royalty free, commercially licensed edition with complete source code, documentation and samples. The software may be licensed for a single product, a product family, business unit or corporate wide use. Embedthis offers options for commercial maintenance and support. Contact sales@embedthis.com for details.

The Enterprise Editions have the following benefits:

Product Pricing

Please contact us at sales@embedthis.com for a price quotation. Please be sure to include your name, company information and price and volume details about your product in which you plan to incorporate Embedthis software. NDAs are available on request.

Software Maintenance

Renewable software maintenance is offered separately from support and provides product updates and upgrades for the software. The initial license includes 12 months of maintenance.

Support Services

Support services are offered separately at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels and provides:

Development Services

We also offer comprehensive development services to assist you in creating your application or device. See Development Services for more detail.


Embedthis Software is developed in the USA and is subject to U.S. export laws. Please read Export Classification for ECCN information.

Community Edition

Community Editions are distributed under the GPL open source license which does not generally permit incorporating such licensed software into non-open source programs.

The GPL license requires that all software linked with a GPL licensed component, be itself licensed via the GPL. If you use Community Edition software, you must also license all your software that modifies, links with, or is combined with the software via the GPL. This means you must offer your source code to the general public and anyone who requests it. If choose the Community Edition, according to the GPL license, Embedthis herein requests a copy of your source code that is used in combination with our software. Please provide a copy of your source code by contacting licensing@embedthis.com.

Please consult the GPL license for license details. Contact Embedthis at licensing@embedthis.com if you have any licensing questions.

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