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In the present-day fast-paced and perilous digital landscape, staying current with the latest security patches and being aware of emerging security threats is paramount. Nevertheless, when you rely on a wide array of software and hardware products and components, staying informed about the most recent issues can be a challenging task. Fortunately, the Embedthis Security Center has stepped in to assist by delivering proactive product security alerts directly to your inbox or mobile device.

The EmbedThis Builder security center consolidates essential information necessary to secure your EmbedThis-enabled devices, all in one convenient location. Within this security center, you’ll find not only news and helpful tips but also a comprehensive listing of critical product concerns and proactive alert notifications to keep you well-informed.

Product Alerts

To enter your details to be receive product security alerts, go to the product list and select and edit your product definition. From the Modify Product panel, you can enter a list of recipients to receive important product notifications. such as critical security alerts.

Enter a comma separated list of email addresses or phone numbers in the Product Alert Recipients input field. Phone numbers must be fully qualified with an international dialing prefix.



When relevant security alerts are issued, notifications will be sent to paid-up subscriptions for the appropriate products. Notifications will only be sent for important security updates or significant product releases – so you won’t be deluged with distracting and unimportant promotions.

Product Security Center

The EmbedThis Builder now has a comprehensive security center to give you vital information you need to secure your EmbedThis enabled devices in one place. The security center provides news, helpful tips, and a complete list of important product issues.

Read about it in the Builder Security Center post.

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