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The EmbedThis Builder has a comprehensive security center to give you vital information to secure your EmbedThis enabled devices in one place. The security center provides news, helpful tips, and a complete list of important product issues.

Product Issues

When a product is selected from the product list, a list of product issues is displayed below the product list. The issue list documents product features, releases, bugs and security issues.


For each product release, the issue notes include a change log of features added and fixes made.

Each bug/issue includes a CVSS priority score and any assigned CVE. Issues also include a recommended action and the product version that resolves the issue.

The issue list displays the following table columns:

OpenedWhen the issue entry was opened and documented
TypeType of issue: Bug, Discussion, Feature, or Release
TitleIssue subject title
ImpactedVersions impacted by the issue
PriorityCVSS priority rating
ActionRecommended action
StatusIssue status: Open, Closed or Fixed
TagsCategorization tags

When clicking on an issue, you can see the full issue details including issue subject and description.


The Builder Security Center provides the information you need to determine if and when you should update your device agent software to keep your device secure.

Proactive Alerts

When relevant security alerts are issued, you can receive automatic notification regarding the security issue via Email or SMS. Read about it in the Builder Product Alerts post.

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