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Our goal is to make connecting devices easy, so that equipment builders can create outstanding products that are simple to manage and operate from anywhere.

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We build upon core values

Our company is built upon a foundation of values and beliefs. These values are aspirational and are shared across our company to guide and direct us to deliver outstanding value for our customers.

Build to Last

We value substance over form and are not impressed by fluff. We favor steady continual improvement. We want the software and solutions we create to deliver lasting value for our customers.


We do what we say and are accountable to our customers and each other. We take initiative and don’t wait for someone else to lead. We accept that failure is a part of success and we learn as we move forward.


We use clear, open communication where everyone has a voice. We treat all with respect. Regardless of titles, everyone has the same intrinsic value. We sink or swim together and foster a no-blame culture.


We are honest and ethical with our clients and ourselves. We don’t cross the line — we do the right things and we do things the right way. We put the interests of our clients first.

Sense of Humor

We have the ability to laugh at ourselves. We have fun and enjoy the journey. Life is short!

Aim High

And lastly, we put our all into it (and I don’t mean hours). We would rather fail gloriously than settle for less.


We are a fully remote team that works across all timezones. Join us in helping device builders connect and manage their devices to be more productive, efficient and imaginative.


Globally Remote Team

We find the best people, wherever they are. We believe remote work can be more effective, and we provide the structures to make it productive and enjoyable. Our customer's are distributed and so are we.

Managed with Care

We believe that remote work requires first-class, thoughtful management with clear goals and communication. Getting everyone on the same page is job #1.

The Right Equipment

We make sure you have the most productive environment with GitHub, ChatGPT, Discord, Zoom and whatever else is needed.


Open Positions

Embedded Software Engineer

We are seeking a talented and experienced embedded software engineer to work in developing IoT embedded platforms using the C language. In this role, you will be responsible for designing and implementing robust and efficient software solutions for embedded systems, with a strong emphasis on secure and reliable implementations. Your expertise in working with hardware and deep understanding of Internet protocols will be essential. You will have the opportunity to work with new and emerging IoT standards like Matter & Thread and contribute to the continuous improvement of our IoT platform. Your passion for technology and dedication to producing high-quality code will be essential in driving the success of our IoT projects.

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Front End Software Engineer

We are seeking a talented and experienced Front-End Software Engineer to join our team, specializing in developing and enhancing web and mobile apps. In this role, you will be responsible for designing and implementing user-friendly and responsive front-end solutions using VueJS, HTML, CSS, and other front-end and mobile technologies. Your strong expertise in VueJS will be essential, and experience with mobile development will be an advantage, as we strive to provide a seamless user experience across different devices. As a detail-oriented professional, you will strive to create visually appealing and intuitive interfaces for our IoT platform. Your passion for clean code and continuous improvement will contribute to the ongoing innovation of our platform and success for our clients.

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Cloud Engineer

EmbedThis is searching for an AWS cloud engineer with deep skills on the AWS platform. In this role you will be responsible for the ongoing development and maintenance of the back-end Ioto cloud service and device cloud architecture. This involves working with NodeJS, TypeScript and AWS services — especially serverless, Lambda, IoT and DynamoDB. Your responsibilities will extend from designing architecture to coding, testing, and deployment our critical Ioto back-end service.

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Online Tech Marketing Specialist

We are seeking a skilled and motivated online tech marketing specialist to join our team. In this role, you will be responsible for developing and implementing effective marketing strategies to promote our Ioto and IoT products and services across various online platforms. Expertise in social media marketing will be essential in creating engaging and impactful campaigns that reach our target audience. Strong writing skills and familiarity with generative AI tools will be essential. A deep understanding of technology, software and IoT will be advantageous to enable you to effectively communicate the value and benefits of our offerings.

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Sales Account Manager

We are seeking a driven and results-oriented sales professional to join our team, specializing in selling the Embedthis Ioto IoT platform. In this role, you will be responsible for promoting and selling our cutting-edge IoT platform to customers, enabling them to connect and manage their devices from the cloud. Your strong online selling skills and experience in negotiating with device building companies will be crucial in identifying and engaging potential clients. With a comprehensive understanding of both software and hardware solutions, you will effectively articulate the value proposition of our platform, addressing customer needs and requirements. As a persuasive communicator and relationship builder, you will establish and maintain strong partnerships with clients, driving revenue growth and market expansion for our IoT platform.

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Open Source

Contributing back to the community

Embedthis uses and benefits from the contributions of countless individuals to the open source community. Our products are not open source, but we use open source projects such as: VueJS and Vuetify. In turn, we give back to the community components that we have developed and found useful in our own products and services. As we develop our services, we actively look at all parts of our solution to extract components that we can isolate and give back to the community.

Here is a selection of some of our open source projects

Other projects

Other open source projects we have created include: