Appweb APIs may evolve, and are thus subject to change between minor releases. The Appweb documentation provides a Stability Classification for each API group that reflects their stability with respect to forward changes.

Migrating from Earlier Releases

Appweb 4 to 7 are highly compatible. Code written for Appweb 4 to 6 should migrate easily to Appweb 7. Appweb 4 introduced new build tools, and a garbage collector for memory allocation, so if you are migrating from Appweb 2 or 3, you will have to perform more significant changes to your application, handlers or filters.

Migrating to Appweb 8

Appweb 8 introduced support for HTTP/2 which necessitates some API changes. These changes are mostly syntax and naming. The logic of ESP, PHP and CGI applications should not require changes.

See Upgrading Earlier Releases for more information.


Appweb supports the following standards:

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