Configuration Directives

This is the list of Appweb supported configuration directives.

Name Purpose
Action CGI program to handle specific content.
AddInputFilter Add an input filter to the processing pipeline.
AddHandler Add a handler for processing given file extensions.
AddLanguageSuffix Add a supported language and filename suffix to use for this language.
AddLanguageDir Add a per-language content directory.
AddOutputFilter Add an output filter to the processing pipeline.
AddType Add a MIME type specification.
Alias Map URLs to directories.
Allow Define which servers can access content.
AuthAutoLogin Automatically login as the designated user.
AuthDigestQop Define the quality of protection for Digest Authentication.
AuthGroupFile Define the name of the user group file for authentication.
AuthStore Define the authentication method: "config" or "system".
AuthName Define the realm of users to be permitted access to this set of documents.
AuthType Define the type of authentication to use: Basic, Digest or Form.
AuthUserFile Define the file of user names.
Cache Configure client and server side caching.
CanonicalName Define a name for the server to use when creating redirections.
CgiEscape Escape shell special characters in CGI environment variables.
CgiPrefix Define a prefix string for URI query and form variables when passing to CGI programs.
Chroot Define the directory for a "chroot jail" in which Appweb will execute.
Condition Define a conditional test for a route.
CrossOrigin Define cross-origin sharing exceptions for the route.
DefaultLanguage Set the default language to use for a route.
Defense Define a defensive response for attack monitoring.
Deny Define which servers cannot access content.
DirectoryIndex Define the default index file to service for directory requests.
Documents Directory containing web content.
ErrorDocument Define an error document to serve.
ErrorLog Define the location and format of the error log.
EspApp Define an ESP application.
ExitTimeout Define the timeout period to wait for requests to complete before exiting or restarting.
FastConnect Configure FastCGI for the route.
GroupAccount Define the O/S account group used by Appweb.
Header Manage the response headers.
Home Define the directory containing configuration files.
IgnoreEncodingErrors Ignore UTF-8 encoding errors in WebSockets
IndexOptions Define the options for directory listings.
IndexOrder Define the order of processing directory index options.
InactivityTimeout Maximum request and connection inactivity duration.
LimitCache Set the maximum size of the Appweb cache for responses and sessions.
LimitCacheItem Set the maximum size of a single item in the Appweb cache.
LimitChunk Set the maximum transfer chunk encoding size.
LimitClients Set the limit of simultaneous clients.
LimitConnections Set the limit of simultaneous client connections.
LimitConnectionsPerClient Set the limit of simultaneous client connections per client.
LimitFiles Set the maximum number of open files or sockets on a Unix system.
LimitKeepAlive Define the re-use count for a connection.
LimitMemory Limit the total memory usage of Appweb. This is a hard limit.
LimitPacket Set the maximum packet size for pipeline queues and stages.
LimitProcesses Maximum number of CGI processes to spawn.
LimitRequestsPerClient Set the limit of simultaneous requests for a single IP address.
LimitRequestBody Set the maximum size of the incoming request body.
LimitRequestForm Set the maximum size of the incoming request form data.
LimitRequestHeader Set the maximum total request header size.
LimitRequestHeaderLines Set the maximum number of request header lines.
LimitResponseBody Set the maximum response body size.
LimitSessions Set the limit of simultaneous client sessions.
LimitStreams Set the limit of HTTP/2 streams per connection.
LimitUpload Set the maximum file upload size.
LimitUri Set the maximum size of a request URI.
LimitWebSocketsFrame Limit the maximum size of a Web Sockets Message Frame.
LimitWebSocketsMessage Limit the maximum size of a Web Sockets Message.
LimitWebSocketsPacket Limit the maximum size of a Web Sockets Message Packet.
LimitWorkers Limit the maximum size of a Web Sockets Message.
Listen Define the IP address and port on which to listen.
LoadModule Load an Appweb module.
LoadModulePath Specify a list of directories to search for modules.
Log Control the tracing of HTTP events.
Map Control the mapping of requests by extension.
MemoryPolicy Define the action to take when memory is depleted.
Methods Control the acceptable HTTP method verbs.
Monitor Monitor a resource for attacks and trigger a defensive response.
Options Control directory listing options.
Order Specify the order in which the allow and deny directives apply.
Param Define a route step to test request param values.
Prefix Define a route prefix to trim from the URI.
PreserveFrames Preserve WebSocket frames.
Redirect Redirect requests to a new target.
RequestHeader Define a HTTP request header test for a route.
RequestParseTimeout Maximum time to parse a request or response HTTP headers.
RequestTimeout Maximum request duration.
Require Define which authenticated users will be permitted access to content.
Reroute Open a previously defined route to add or modify directives.
ResetPipeline Reset the input and output pipeline for a block.
Role Defines an authentication role with associated abilities.
Route Define a block of directives to apply to a URL route.
RouteName Set the route name.
ScriptAlias Map a URL to a directory for CGI processing.
SetConnector Set the connector stage for a block.
SetHandler Set the handler to process requests.
Source Define source code for the handler to use.
StartWorkers Number of worker threads to pre-allocate and preserve.
Stealth Control stealth mode.
Target Define the target action to take for a route to serve a response to the client.
ThreadStack Stack size for each thread.
ServerName Define the server names to be served by a host or virtual host.
SessionCookie Control the visibility of the session cookie in the browser.
SessionTimeout Maximum session state inactivity duration.
SSLCACertificateFile Define the location of the client certificate file.
SSLCertificateFile Define the server certificate.
SSLCertificateKeyFile Define the server's private key.
SSLCipherSuite Set the cipher suite to use for SSL.
SSLEngine Enable SSL processing for a block.
SSLProtocol Set the SSL protocols to enable.
SSLVerifyClient Verify the identity of the client certificate.
SSLVerifyIssuer Verify the identity of the issuer or the client certificate.
StreamInput Control if request body content is buffered or streamed to the handler.
Target Define a route target.
Trace Define what request events to trace.
TraceLog Define the location and format of the request trace log.
TypesConfig Specify the location of the MIME types file.
UnloadModule Unload an Appweb module.
Update Define an update modification for a route.
UploadDir Set the directory for uploaded files.
UploadAutoDelete Control if files are auto-deleted after uploading.
UserAcount Define the O/S user account used by Appweb.
VirtualHost Create a directory block for virtual hosting for an IP address.

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