Building Appweb with FastCGI Support

Appweb includes support for FastCGI on Unix like systems. However it is not enabled by default to minimize the security surface. If you wish to use FastCGI, you need to enable FastCGI and rebuild Appweb.

To build Appweb with FastCGI support via MakeMe, use the following:

./configure --with fast

If you are building with make, use:

make ME_COM_FAST=1

FastCGI Configuration

There is no default configuration for FastCGI in the supplied appweb.conf. You will need to add directives to your appweb.conf once Appweb is built with FastCGI support. The FastCGI handler is configured via the FastConnect configuration directive.

For example, to run PHP scripts using FastCGI:

Action application/x-php /usr/local/bin/php-cgi
FastConnect launch
AddHandler fastHandler php
Target run $1

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