Appweb Samples

Appweb provides an extensive suite of samples for common design patterns.

chroot-server Configuring a secure chroot jail for the server.
cpp-handler C++ Handler
cpp-module C++ Module
deploy-server Deploy Appweb files for copying to a target.
login-basic Login using Basic or Digest authentication (not recommended).
login-form Login using Web Forms (recommended).
max-server Maximum configuration in appweb.conf.
min-server Minimum configuration in appweb.conf.
secure-server Secure server using SSL, secure login, chroot and sandbox limits.
simple-action Action callback. Binding C function to URI.
simple-client Http client.
simple-handler Simple Appweb URL handler.
simple-module Simple Appweb loadable module.
simple-server Simple Http server.
spy-filter Simple HTTP pipeline filter.
ssl-server SSL server.
tiny-server Configure Appweb to be tiny.
typical-client Using the client HTTP API to retrieve a document.
typical-server A more fully featured server main program.
websockets-echo WebSockets echo server using an ESP controller.
websockets-output Using WebSockets to send a large file.


The Appweb samples are configured to use a locally built Appweb or Appweb installed to the default location (usually /usr/local/lib/apppweb). To build the samples, you will need to install Appweb and the MakeMe build tool from:

Appweb —

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